March – March Railway Station (The Lost Link to Spalding)

There’s no access now to the platforms which once served trains en route to Spalding, the service was shut down as late as 1982 and the track was lifted. The decision was a huge error, a typical policy of not preserving the trackbed and instead building a prison on top of part of it. There are now plans to rebuild the line, although it’ll be at great expense and it will require planning decisions not to be passed which build on where the line would need to go, with a decision in late 2018 at Cowbit seeming to be detrimental to that.

The platforms might need a little remedial work.

But, at least the platforms and some station buildings are still there.

Hopefully in the near future this line will be restored, with trains going down this piece of track and veering off to the right to Spalding, via Guyhirn. There’s a strong demand for freight services to use this route, but ideally passenger services could also use the line. Rail Magazine wrote “if the line had lasted just another three or four years, it would surely have made it to the present day”, something which seems accurate.