Malta – Gozo – Victoria – Black Cat Cafe

The lunch stop for today was at the Black Cat Cafe, a well reviewed location in Victoria in Gozo. A number of reviews said that it was difficult to get a table as it’s so small, but fortunately we were able to secure one of the last tables. It is a small cafe though, but this all adds to the atmosphere.

I particularly liked the coffee sign, which reads “drink coffee, do stupid things faster with more energy”.

A quirky menu, but there were some interesting options and alongside the specials board this gave a sufficient choice without the menu being too large in scope.

I was located near to the cake counter, so I couldn’t resist ordering the carrot cake as a starter. Liam was more sensible, he ordered the apple pie cake as a dessert, but I don’t have his patience.

The latte came first, pleasant flavour and all was good there.

The carrot cake, beautifully moist, flecks of carrot throughout and a sweet cream cheese, or similar as it might have been buttercream, topping. This was one of the best carrot cakes that I’ve had, very moreish.

Slightly marred by a hair across the top, but otherwise, this was a well presented plate of food with two hot samosas, sweet potato fries, a sweet chilli sauce dip and a side salad. It was a larger sized portion than I had expected for the price and the samosas had a rich flavour and the sweet potato fries were surprisingly tasty. The salad added some texture, but it was the tomatoes which took the salad crown here with their sweetness and flavour.

Liam’s scrambled egg with smoked salmon, which was apparently very lovely although Liam would have preferred more egg. But it’s all about the taste, and it wasn’t lacking here.

The service was personal and attentive, although the member of staff did have to return to Liam twice as first she forgot his drinks order and then she forgot his food order. But, it’s always best to check, although I’d have thought it was easier to write it down in the first place. Anyway, the environment was relaxed and informal, so it was a comfortable lunch and was also reasonably priced. The other customers also seemed to be enjoying their experience and I’d definitely recommend a visit here.

This is perhaps one of the most ridiculous reviews I’ve seen though:

“Extremely courteous service, the chocolate mousse cake tasted like a piece of heaven, four stars only because there was little space (I would like to give 4.95”.

This reviewer punished the cafe with a score of just 4/5 because it doesn’t have many seats, then left a comment saying they’d like to leave a review score of 4.95. Perhaps, rather than damaging their business, the customer could have just left a score of 5……