Malta – Gozo – Gozo Nature Museum

I suspect that Gozo’s nature museum will be swept away when the new national museum opens in a couple of years. As a museum goes, this was a bit hopeless and the staff member was polite, but seemed to have slightly lost the will to be enthused by the place.

Rather irritatingly, the building that the museum is housed in is absolutely fascinating. It was an inn during most of the nineteenth century, and I can imagine the stories that this building must have. Unfortunately, other than for one brief mention on a sign, there is nothing else giving details about how the building itself evolved.

Some stuffed dead animals, one of the highlights of the museum. These were the better displays, the rest really did just get in the way of seeing the historic building itself. The other highlight is the moon rock, the one which Heritage Malta haven’t had pinched.

The museum does though to its credit have its own terraced area which looks out onto the Cittadella. It’s marginal whether visitors would spend more than fifteen minutes in the museum as it stands (and even then I’m allowing for a few minutes using the toilets) and it’s a poor use of the building which Heritage Malta own.

Whilst I’m busy complaining about this, Heritage Malta list the top reason to visit this building as:

“Housed in a building which dates back to the 1600s, full of authentic architectural features.”

Which they promptly do nothing to explain at the site. Anyway, I like Heritage Malta, and I hope in a few years this site is repurposed when they have their new museum in Victoria open.