Madrid – Plaza de España

The Plaza de España was only laid out in 1911, with the area having previously been used by the military. The interesting looking building behind the above fountain is the Edificio España which was a shopping centre and apartment building, although it’s now closed with the intention of turning it into a hotel. I imagine it’ll be a luxury hotel, rather than my own preferred option of an Ibis Budget…

This statue dominates the square and it’s the monument to commemorate the life of Miguel de Cervantes. Cervantes is one of the country’s literary greats, the author of Don Quixote.

The grand statue was inaugurated in 1929, although some of the statues surrounding it weren’t completed until the 1960s.

At the other end of the square is a fountain, which adds even more character to the area.

The square has lots of seating, mostly under the olive trees which have been planted in neat lines to the sides. There were numerous tour groups all jostling for position when I was there, but I was happy to let them get on with it as it was far too hot for all that excitement…