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Liverpool Weekend (Day Three) – Duke Street Food and Drink Market


When we were looking for locations for our evening meal, Bev suggested this Liverpool city centre food court and it turned out to be a marvellous suggestion.


I had popped to a couple of pubs on my own, so we all met up at the food court and were all welcomed promptly by an enthusiastic team member. After checking if we had visited before, she then proceeded to take us to an appropriate table and explained the ordering concept.


There are a range of different food suppliers, including ones selling steak, burgers, Mexican food, Spanish food and numerous other options. It works by using a QR code to order via a web-site and I found the whole process well managed and easy to understand.


The list of food stalls and there’s apparently a new one coming soon.


I went for the Painting Rainbows beer from Glen Affric Brewery, which was a really quite decent sour with plenty of rhubarb and raspberry flavour to it.

For food, I opted for the chicken tacos from Big Lola’s Taqueria which were served as a generous portion and were as good as anything I’ve had in the United States. And, I’m aware that Mexico isn’t in the United States, but there are a fair few decent taquerio (is that the plural?) in the United States and especially so in the southern states. The chicken was tender and moist, the lime juice added acidity and the salad foliage added texture. It was suitably filling and I was pleased with my choice, especially as it was complemented by the chips Bev got for the table. I mean, she might not have got them for the table, but that seemed the best way to eat them.

The whole arrangement felt organised and professional, with the food and drink being brought over promptly. Everything felt spotlessly clean and the surroundings were inviting and comfortable. The toilets are unisex which feels unusual given that they’re got quite a lot of space to use, although I can’t say I overly worried about whatever set-up they went for. The food court set-up isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly on-trend and it lets groups have more choice over what they order. All really rather lovely.