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Liverpool Weekend (Day One) – Manchester and Cloudwater


Pleased with my visit to Track Brewing, located just over the road, I had enough time to visit Cloudwater for a beer still spending the Delay Repay train money on this little treat. I’ve visited the Cloudwater taproom on the Bermondsey Beer Mile a few times, but this is the first time that I’ve visited the set-up in their home city.


After a momentary bit of confusion as to where the tap room was, I found the steps up as it’s located on the first floor.


It might look like it, but I didn’t incompetently meander into this bit as it’s signed off as staff only, but I did take a photo.


There’s the beer board and there was a personable and friendly team member ready to take my order. She was conversational and engaging, it all felt a comfortable and inviting set-up.


I accept it might appear to be sub-optimal going to a brewery’s taproom and then having a guest beer, but I have worked through a lot of Cloudwater stuff already. Cloudwater beers are delightful and exciting, but I was intrigued with the Green Nebula beer from Uchu Brewing. This was really rather complex, it was dank, decadent, smooth and had flavours of key lime pie. I very much like key lime pie, so all told, this was one of the best beers that I’ve had in a while.


The interior of the taproom, which was clean and organised, and there is more seating downstairs. It’s under-stated and functional, all fair enough as the priority here is the beer.


The food options and that chicken curry pie tempted me, but I was restrained, not least because of the limited time that I had before going to get my next train which would sweep me into Liverpool.


I don’t often play them but I don’t dislike board games, this board game day is something that Tony from the Hop & Vine (the best pub in the country) does and there’s lots to be said for gossip, beer, board games and perhaps some cheese. I know how to live…..

With that it was time to make the 20 minute walk to Manchester Oxford Road railway station, but I was very pleased to have had chance to pop into this taproom. I liked the relaxed nature of arrangements, care had been taken with selecting the beer options and the team members were all friendly and welcoming. All really rather lovely.