Limoges – Pont Saint-Martial

One of the most beautiful pieces of medieval architecture still remaining in Limoges is the Pont Saint-Martial, which crossed the Vienne river. The stone bridge dates to 1215 and it replaces a much earlier Gallo-Roman bridge. Sadly this was torn down on the orders of King Henry II, showing just what a long history of trouble making there has been between France and England. All now resolved of course….

A view down the river of what I think is the Pont Neuf bridge.

A view from the bridge, which today carries only pedestrians and cyclists.

The bridge is one of the few crossing points for pedestrians over the river in this area, although it’s a rather lovely walk along the river bank.

There’s a photo on the river bank of what the bridge used to look like. Which is pretty much what it looks like now….

The bridge became a listed historic monument in 1908, and it’s sort of noticeable from the photo how different the lengths of span are along the structure.