Kielce – Cukiernia Sowa

Cukiernia Sowa have over 150 outlets in Poland, and I have been to their location in Gniezno which was very pleasant. They are becoming a little like the Polish Greggs, but I only realised a few weeks ago that this chain is now opening up outlets in the UK. They’ve only got a handful, but they seem well reviewed, so we’ll see how they perform against the mighty Greggs…..

They sell ice creams, cakes, coffees and the like, but no sausage rolls or chicken bakes. And certainly no vegan sausage rolls yet, but their time will no doubt come.

I ordered a doughnut and coffee, both of which were very lovely, with the coffee having a suitable richness of flavour and it wasn’t served at a ridiculously hot temperature. Their serving process is slightly inconvenient, as food is handed over at the counter and then the drinks have to be collected from what I consider to be a marginally obscure place. However, the staff guided me on what to do, so all was well.

Obviously, it’s not quite as good as Greggs, but they have set the bar very high. The prices are good though, it was £2 for the coffee and doughnut, which is competitive for Poland. Everything was also clean and comfortable, with the food all looking rather appetising.