Hereford – The Herdsman


This pub sounded intriguing on CAMRA’s Whatpub, so I thought that it would make something of a contrast to the JD Wetherspoon operated Kings Fee that we had just visited. The building was constructed in 1861, on the same site as an older inn, and was used as a hotel and bar when it opened in its new format. The building is substantial in size and apparently has a skittles alley upstairs and a large function room, but the bar area itself is relatively small.


The prices for the food were towards the lower end of the scale and this is served during lunchtimes only throughout the week.


There was only one real ale, but it was 6X from Wadworth, so that more than sufficed me. It was well kept, smooth and at the appropriate cellar temperature. I assume that the venue is owned by a Pubco as the pub was stocking Cruzcampo and not many free trade locations would be rushing to sell that. But let’s not get me back onto Cruzcampo which has managed to fall to a rating of 2.83 on Untappd, which is at least higher than Bud Light.

The bar perhaps feels just a little dated, but that didn’t detract from the atmosphere for me as this felt like a proper community pub. The pub was clean and tidy, with the front bar being dry and not sticky whilst glasses were collected promptly from tables. The function room was being used for some party where there was an element of fancy dress, so there was a steady flow of people coming into the bar who were dressed in various manners of which some were more decadent than others. That combination of locals and heavily dressed up new customers certainly added something to the visit.

The on-line reviews for the venue are positive and they do a good trade in breakfasts, which perhaps explains why JD Wetherspoons are charging so little for theirs. They also do food deliveries with Deliveroo, with their focus on what they refer to as simple and decent meals. I was served by what I assume was the landlord and he was helpful and pleasant, the whole arrangement felt inviting for locals and visitors alike. They’re not trying to be cutting edge here, the feel is of a traditional and authentic pub which is safe and reasonably priced. All really rather lovely, and the 6X didn’t let me down.