Hereford – Hereford Beer House


The first pub of the evening was the Hereford Beer House, where we also met Des and Clare. It’s a micropub that opened in 2015 in what was formerly a bookshop called Hooked on Books (and before that it was a video rental shop) and it has an open and welcoming feel. It’s no secret to my two loyal readers that I’m strongly in favour of micropubs and so I was excited to see that Hereford had one.


The beer and cider board, and a strong focus on cider, with some interesting options on it. The pricing was clear, although it’s a little unusual not to see anything priced by the pint.


The beer fridge with some tempting cans in it, although I had already opted for the Breezy from Ideal Day brewery. The interior of the micropub was bright and it was moderately busy when we arrived.


And there’s the Breezy, in front of Des’s feet. It was a gentle and herby sour, but not quite as decadent as I had hoped in terms of the richness of taste.

I liked this micropub and its inviting and laid-back atmosphere. The service was prompt and polite, with the ordering process being clear. The on-line reviews for the venue are positive, with over 300 beers and ciders available in cans and bottles so there’s no shortage of drinks to choose from. All really rather lovely and I like that their beer list is available on Untappd, it makes forward planning that bit easier.