Harwich – Breakwater


I pondered, as this is the sort of thing I decide I need to think about, the problems that councils must have with signage such as this. They have to make it so that the breakwater is clearly out of bounds, but not so much that people have to walk around the signage and risk falling in getting onto it. This does seem a genuinely dangerous thing to walk on, there are photos of the waves pounding it from both sides.

Whilst I’m making reference to danger, I was interested to discover that a fair few sailing craft have hit this breakwater when the tide was high, which seems far from ideal (or sub-optimal as other Julian says). The port of Felixstowe is visible in the background of the photo above.


There’s more Felixstowe, which takes me back to when I walked 50 miles as part of the LDWA Shotley Peninsular walk.




And here’s some more sea photos….. What a treat for the end of a Easter Bank Holiday for both my readers.


Someone like Dave Morgan would decide that he’d go for the option on the left as there would be a nice walk to them……