Grudziądz – Klimek Tower

I walked up this small hill to the entrance. It transpired it wasn’t the entrance.

This was the entrance….. My confusion had a fortunate side effect, the large school party at the site had left by the time I had found my way in, so I had the tower to myself.

I don’t like heights, so this at first sight didn’t seem my most sensible choice of the day. However, the stairs were wide, so unless I peered over the edge, I wouldn’t struggle with heights. I peered over the edge (because I’m like that) and immediately didn’t like it.

On and on….

There are numerous pictures and photos of how the tower used to look to gaze at whilst struggling up the steps.

The final steps.


The views made the climb worth it!

At the base of the tower there are some remains of the castle which once stood here. There were lots of useful information boards which added context to the site, and they were all in English.

These are the old drains.

View from the base of the tower.

This is the southern wing of the former castle, partly restructured when some of the building fell down into the Vistula River in the fourteenth centuries (great civil engineers they had….)

This was a really nicely laid out site, especially since it’s free of charge.