Craft Beer : 365 Beers in the World – Citra


And on another one of my random sojourns, I was browsing through the latest issue of ‘Craft Beer – 365 Best Beers in the World’ and was pleased to note that the first beer in the magazine was one sitting just two metres away from me.


And here it is, with my favourite Duration glass, a half pint of Citra from Oakham Ales. Alongside a perfect food pairing of a Freddo bar. I hadn’t thought of this beer as being one of the best 365 in the world, but it is a really rather lovely real ale. It’s the first beer that used the Citra hop commercially and it’s certainly been used by many breweries since. Quoting the article:

“The first sip is a mouth-puckering, palate-popping burst of soft, chewable fruit. A light malt base provides a simple biscuit base as the Citra hops march out all-singing, all-dancing. Rather than muddled bursts of different fruity, butter flavours, Oakham Citra is a smooth, rolling wave of juicy grapefruit and lime that coats the tongue and leaves a sticky, resinous finish without becoming too cloying. The finish is quite sharp, quenching and dominated by grapefruit, each sip offers a little more: peach, melon, papaya and juicy white grapes.”

My own description of the beer was:

“Light and fluffy. Is that a beer word?”

What a beer aficionado I am…. Or something like that.

That’s 1 out of the 365 that I’ve tried. Let’s see how many more of the 365 I’ll be able to try, or have tried. There might be another series of posts on this whole matter.