Carcassonne Day Three : Breakfast at Au Péché Mignon


This is a bit sub-optimal, I’m off on another trip this weekend and I haven’t quite gotten around to finishing writing up the last riveting trip for my two loyal blog readers. Best I start to tackle that issue…. I thought a healthy breakfast would be in order, so Liam set off navigating us to Au Péché Mignon. There was the usual sub-optimal “we’ll be there in three minutes” when we were evidently 28 minutes away, but I didn’t say anything as I’m good like that.


It was the nearest that we could find to Greggs and my first impressions were positive.


It was Liam’s turn to order and he had to navigate that I wanted a selection of random items. The service was friendly and there were some locals characters in the bakery, it felt a little bit like a Wetherspoons. It made us wonder where Wetherspoons customers would go if there was no Wetherspoons. One of the more important questions of our age some might say.


The coffee and food was suitably delicious, the apple turnover went well with the coffee.


I got the last lemon meringue tart, perhaps made with slightly artificial ingredients, but I’m not picky. It was all keenly priced and there were a multitude of deals available for those who had the energy and enthusiasm to work them out. We then left to go marching out into the rain of Carcassonne, knowing that we had quite a walk back to the airport.