Carcassonne Day One : My Beers


This bar is a part of a national franchise, a nod towards the growing craft beer trend that is continuing to take place across France.


I got fridge envy seeing this.


Unfortunately, we visited on a Saturday evening, which meant that the bar was packed and there was some loud music blaring out from a band. The service was prompt, polite and helpful, with the venue having a welcoming vibe. It did mean that it wasn’t quite the visit we wanted, as we had hoped to get food and there were no spare tables available. I like the concept, but couldn’t see a beer list and they might be well served by becoming Untappd verified. It was an extensive range and they had sourced local, national and international beers.


The prices were reasonable, although it was a little difficult trying to unpick which brewery was brewing each beer and I struggled to read the bottles in the fridges.


I liked the design of this bar, this is certainly on-trend. It’s located in a retail park out of the centre of Carcassonne and so I was moderately surprised at how many people had got there (we had walked fifteen minutes from our hotel).


As we were on the continent, we decided to go al fresco with our beers. Although the music was perhaps a bigger reason to go outside if I’m being honest. I went for a Vertigo from BAPBAP brewery, and it was a decent IPA with a fruity edge to it. It gave us an initial problem that we needed food, but luckily, I noticed that there was a restaurant next door so this was a plan that didn’t require much thinking about. As for this chain, it’s an excellent concept as France needs far more craft beer venues. It’s the future.