Bucharest Trip – Day 2 : Trofic


After a busy morning of meandering around a museum, the group decided that it was time for a light lunch. Our first location wasn’t doing food but had beer, which would have suited me, but they recommended that we visit Trofic. I say ‘we’, but Steve and I were looking at churches and we got sent a location of where the others had run off to such was their immediate demand for sustenance (we had forgotten the name of the place that we had been recommended). After some shuffling about the chairs after we arrived and Bev scaring off the neighbouring table, we were good to go.


A selection of the cakes is visible beneath the counter.


Susanna and Bev, both of whom said their food met their requirements. Bev was so excited by the whole arrangement that she needed a cheesecake as well as her main course which we all thought was rather greedy, but none of us said anything of course.


I was still recovering from the morning unlimited buffet at the Ibis Styles, so I just went for a coffee. I’m trying not to drink caffeine any more, although I had an espresso as this two hour time shift from Romania is a bit exhausting. It was rich and did do the trick of making me feel a little more awake during the afternoon. I think caffeine is fine in small measures and only occasionally, or at least, I hope it is.


The service in the cafe was friendly and they managed to split the bill on request, something that is done really well in some places and rather more clunkily in others. As an aside, some dictionaries tell me that isn’t a word, some tell me it is, but I’m going with ‘clunkily’ as I like it and I doubt that either of my two loyal blog readers much care. It’s not a large venue, but the space is well utilised and the service was efficient. It’s suitably on trend, although they didn’t stretch to having a beer menu, but it was a decent recommendation to have been given. This is particularly suitable for a light lunch or coffee stop, with the pricing being reasonable as well.