Bremen – Paulaners an der Schlachte

As it started raining I thought it’d be a sensible decision to get back in the warm and dry. They have a big beer garden area that I’m sure is very desirable during the summer, but rather less so on a rainy April lunch-time.

As luck would have it the building I randomly chose was a rather nice pub, with a friendly welcome being offered to confirm my very sensible decision. Although my photo looks like there was no-one inside I did that to avoid taking a picture of people eating, and it was relatively busy.

I was also pleased to see that the pub (or bierhaus really, but I’ll call it a pub) was having a chicken Wednesday, so it felt just like being back in Wetherspoons. My German is good enough to read the special of the day was half a roast chicken (they had a whole chicken but I didn’t want to look greedy) with French fries (or some salad options that I didn’t translate) and a curry sauce. Quite lovely.

One problem I have with beer overseas is that I never know what they have, but my request for Dunkel was understood with happy acceptance, which meant that challenge was over.

Ooooh, that chicken was excellent. Crispy skin, tender meat and a curry sauce with a rich and deep flavour. A big of portion of chicken too and I discovered that they were roasting them in-house. This was a good lunch choice, although I noticed that they had some really decent value lunchtime meal offers going as well where you could get a main course and dessert for €7.

All that excitement meant only one thing, it was time to investigate the city’s central library (I know how to live…..).Bremen,