Bonn – Burgermanfaktur

Not the best of photos of the restaurant’s frontage, it has to be said…. Anyway, this is one of the best rated burger restaurants in Bonn and it is located opposite the Ibis hotel where we were staying, so that proved to be convenient.

The table decoration. We come all this way to be reminded of Holt……

The menu was only in German, meaning Google Translate was brought into use….

The burger itself was fine and at the appropriate hot temperature, but it didn’t have the depth of flavour that it perhaps ideally could have done. The lightly toasted bun added some texture and flavour, as did the mild heat of the other ingredients. Entirely acceptable, although not one of the best burgers that I’ve had this year.

The chips were much better with a firm exterior and fluffy interior, with the BBQ sauce being particularly decent.

The ordering process was moderately confusing insomuch as it’s necessary to find a table, order at the counter, wait for the name to be called out, then the staff seem to bring the food over, then go back to the counter and remind them what has been ordered in order to pay.

The beer selection was fine, although the bottles were quite large and the imperial stout quite strong, so we resisted given the length of the train journey was coming up. This was very responsible indeed.

All in all, the atmosphere of this restaurant was clean and comfortable, with the staff being friendly and helpful. I was pleased that we came here as the environment was relaxed and we didn’t feel hurried. It was also just a short walk across the road to collect our bags from the Ibis and then have the excitement of the return train journey back to Luxembourg.