Bargains in Business Traveller Magazine

Business Traveller is one of the magazines I always try and read, even though it’s all a bit expensive for me (the things they mention, not the magazine, I can read that for free).

Anyway, it strikes me that this level of decadence must be outside a fair number of the magazine readers’ wallets. I’m not sure that even my friend Richard is this decadent. And, how would anyone dare wear one of these? I’d be permanently worried that it’d be stolen or ripped off my wrist. I worry enough about my McCain’s backpack, let alone something of this value. And do people just keep them as investments? Who knows…. And there’s another watch in the magazine which is so expensive they won’t say how much it costs.

On a different matter, in the same magazine, BA have won the best short-haul airline and the best loyalty scheme, so that’s very well deserved from my favourite airline…. Although all this reading about international travel has reminded me that I’m not expecting to go overseas for another 54 days. Not that I’m counting.