Annemasse – Ibis

One of the problems of visiting Geneva is that it’s very expensive, and so, since I had visited the city before I made the decision to go and explore some of nearby France. Annemasse is a town on the French/Swiss border and the prices are much cheaper. It’s about a ninety-minute walk or a thirty-minute bus journey (I walked, obviously) from Geneva to Annemasse, so it was a convenient place to stay on my first evening.

The Ibis hotel (I pinched the above photo from the hotel) is towards the Geneva side of Annemasse, although it’s only a short walk into the town centre. It was a relatively cheap option and although it wasn’t particularly exceptional, it was clean and comfortable.

I stayed in the hotel twice during the week, once on the evening my flight landed and another time the night before my flight departed Geneva. I’m rather risk averse, so I like to be as near to the airport as possible, to minimise the possibility of any little disasters taking place….

As can be seen from the photos, I had the same exciting view on both of my stays since they gave me similarly located rooms during my two visits.

Not the best of photos, but it doesn’t really matter with Ibis, as all the rooms look pretty much the same across the chain. Clean and comfortable, and I didn’t experience the construction noise that some people were complaining about when I visited.

The breakfast, which rather unusually I didn’t take photos of, was adequate, although again, wasn’t exceptional. For visitors to Geneva though who want to save some money, this is a perfectly viable hotel and it’s within relatively easy distance of the Swiss city.