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And a little thank you to Inter-Logic

Due to a little technical issue on the blog last night where it sort of broke, I have to thank the excellent IT skills of Richard May from Inter-Logic for managing to ensure that hosting has continued safely and securely.

Which is also handy as I gave Peterborough Cathedral permission to use one of my photos (very willingly, it’s one of my favourite cathedrals), so it would have been irritating for it to be broken when they were trying to copy it. Not to mention my riveting account of the second training walk for my LDWA 100 attempt next year which for reasons unknown has had nearly 2,000 readers in two days. It must be a quiet news week in the world.

Anyone who wants any IT services, here’s Richard’s web-site. If anyone needs anything IT related sorting out, he can probably help. But mention me, as I’ll demand a commission from him.