Aldershot – Alexandra Hotel

Located opposite a Travelodge hotel this pub, also known as the Alex, doesn’t to my knowledge still offer accommodation. It’s a Craft Union pub, which I have to say usually isn’t always a great sign, although to be fair, some licencees have made that set-up work for them and their customers.

The pub is named after the cinema and theatre which was once located next door to it and it is rumoured that the pub still has a ghost relating to that period. I’m unsure of how long the Alexandra has been a pub, but it dates to at least before 1870.

The pub appeared to be very much a locals pub, but the welcome from the staff member was friendly and prompt. There were three real ales and although nothing was particularly interesting, the London Pride was well-kept and served at the appropriate temperature. And half a pint of London Pride cost £1, which seemed rather cheap, but certainly not a reason to complain.

The pub was pretty full when I visited, which was late afternoon on a weekday, with several customers having bets on the various horse races which were being shown.

I quite liked the pub, it was friendly and clean, with very affordable prices. I’m not sure there’s anything exceptional to tempt customers in from afar, but it’s a useful location for a drink for those staying in the hotels over the road.