Warsaw – Indian Taste Restauracja

I’ve for many years made an effort to visit an Indian restaurant in every country that I go to, and although I completed that target in Poland in around 2011, I’ve expanded it to try and go to one in every district of every city. I accept that is quite an expansion of my little programme, but I’m inspired by people such as this man who has visited 8,000 Chinese restaurants.

There’s my friend Richard in the centre of the action in the restaurant, which was a warm and homely place, albeit one with very few other customers. We selected this restaurant (located at ul. Przemysłowa 36, 00-450) as we were staying in different hotels on that night, with this one being convenient for both of us and it was very well reviewed.

The mango lassi I went for, smooth and tasting of mango, which is always a bonus when ordering a mango drink. The menu didn’t list any beers, although I could see that there were bottles behind the bar, but as there weren’t going to be any decadent craft beers, I thought a non-drinking day sounded a good idea.

The chicken jalfrezi, lemon rice and naan bread. The portion size was generous, the naan and rice were perfectly cooked with everything being well presented. The chicken was tender and the sauce had a depth of taste, including a certain level of spice to it. Richard went for some lumps of vegetable in a curry, but despite that it was apparently still flavoursome and delicious. Indian food in Poland can at times be a little bland in terms of spice and heat levels, but the food here was some of the best that I’ve had in the country.

The curry, rice, naan and drink came to around £10 per head, which I thought was entirely reasonable. The restaurant has business lunches available though, which cost around £5 per person with a daily changing menu. The server spoke excellent English and the environment was welcoming, with no effort made to get rid of us which meant that we could linger and gossip about various things. When we asked for the bill, it was though brought over promptly. I liked the environment, which was warm and the staff were hospitable, so I’d happily recommend this restaurant to others.