Lublin – St. Michael’s Church (Ruins)

St. Michael’s Church is no longer standing, although the ruins are still clearly visible. Work started on the church’s construction in the thirteenth century and it was rebuilt at the end of the sixteenth century when the original building was badly damaged by fire.

The new sixteenth century building was substantial and it became one of the largest and tallest churches in Lublin. With the opening of the new cathedral building in 1832 the parish moved from St. Michael’s and the church was demolished between 1852 and 1855. Human remains were carefully removed from the cemetery at the site to the city’s new cathedral.

The church’s stone was reused to build properties and also to use in road construction. Not an entirely ideal use for such an historic building.

The site was uncovered again in the 1930s and a large scale archaeological dig took place in 1970s. The remains of the church were then permanently revealed in the 1980s and are a reminder of what a beautifully location it was once located in.