Częstochowa – Consonni

It’s raining outside, so I thought I’d pop in to this outlet of Consonni, an Italian company which expanded into Poland in 1991. The snail above the counter is quite brave as it might signify slow service, but is actually meant to represent the Slow Food Movement.

The lighting in this photo is a bit odd, but at the heart of the cafe is this 25-year old palm tree. It was empty when I came in, but all of the six of so tables are now full, so it’s a busy little unit.

Some of the cakes on display, all looking suitably tempting. They sell coffees, cakes, ice cream and breads, so there’s quite a selection for such a small unit. Nearly everything is sold by weight, including the ice cream and cakes, so customers can choose how much they want.

The chocolate cherry cake and a latte, which came to under £4 which is really quite decadent for Poland, but it’s a premium location in an expensive part of the city. The staff member didn’t speak English, but fortunately my very limited Polish is sufficient enough to order chocolate cherry cake and a latte, which is handy. I’ve learned the essentials (or what I consider to be the essentials) at least, even though I can’t do much else in Polish.

Anyway, a nice little cafe, the cake was rich and perhaps not freshly out, but it was still sufficiently moist to be a suitable lunch stop for me. Incidentally, the slice of cake is larger than the photo suggests, it’s on a wide angle and it distorts things somewhat. And looking outside, it’s still raining, which isn’t entirely ideal.