Częstochowa – Władysław Biegański Bench

Located along Aleja Najświętszej Maryi Panny w Częstochowie is this memorial to Władysław Biegański (1857-1917), a local doctor. He wasn’t born in the city, but he set up a private practice here in 1883, after studying medicine at the Imperial University in Warsaw.

Biegański also has the honour of having the local library named after him in recognition of his social activism in the city. He seems to have been a busy figure generally in the local area and he was also responsible for the local branch of the Polish Touring Society, an organisation which promoted tourism. The Polish Parliament also annually declares a number of subjects as an annual distinction, whether that be an event or a person, with Biegański getting a whole year dedicated to him in 2017 (along with the Vistula River as another award winner) which marked 100 years since his death.

Unfortunately there’s no English translation….. However, there are a few of these benches located along the street and I think they’re interesting as they give an indication as to who the authorities of Częstochowa feel are the most important people who have lived and worked in the city.