Częstochowa – Restauracja Indyjskie Curry

I was slightly surprised to see that this Indian restaurant in Częstochowa opens at 11.00 in the morning, which doesn’t seem a time when many customers might be coming in for a curry. Well, other than me, just before mid-day, and I was the only customer. However, the staff member was friendly and she spoke English, which was handy as I’ve felt I’ve already overdone my limited Polish today.

The interior of the restaurant, all clean, comfortable and empty, with the environment feeling warm and welcoming. A couple of customers did come in shortly before I was leaving, but I suspect it’ll remain quiet until this evening. The restaurant is well reviewed though and it seems that there’s quite a demand for takeaways from here.

Żywiec isn’t perhaps the greatest beer, but it’s perfectly adequate in these circumstances. There were a choice of beers available, although all lagers, with plenty of soft drink options.

The jalfrezi chicken curry with rice, naan and salad. Although this was perhaps a little lacking in a depth of heat in terms of the spice, it tasted decent and the chicken was tender. There was lumps of broccoli in it, but fortunately the curry sauce disguised the taste nicely. The naan bread was generous in its portion size, since I received four pieces, and the rice was cooked well. I went for this as it was on the discounted lunch menu, with the curry option changing on a daily basis.

And the cost of the curry, rice, naan, salad and beer came to £4.89….. It’s fair to say that I felt that I received value for money and all told really rather a lovely lunch in a welcoming environment.