Boston – The Club Lounge (Terminal E)

I didn’t really experience much of this lounge as I was waiting here for just over an hour for the BA lounge to open. For most of that time I was the only person in the lounge, so the atmosphere was certainly quiet. There was just one staff member in the lounge and he seemed helpful and pro-active.

This was my preferred seating area, large desks and plenty of nearby power outlets. Although, to be fair, there was no shortage of power outlets around the rest of the lounge. There were numerous different types of seating available and several smaller and more private areas.

More seating. There was free wi-fi in the lounge, but it didn’t work very well and so was the main reason that I left to go to the BA lounge. Everything else seemed to work as expected though and there were toilets and showers within the lounge.

The food selection at breakfast was average, there were some cereals, fruit, pastries and yoghurts to choose from. I didn’t have anything as I had just eaten, with the exception of a cereal bar which were also available here. The flavoured waters were good, as were the coffees, so that was all good.

Part of the drinks and food selection on offer.

All in all, it’s a perfectly reasonable lounge, but nothing exceptional. The unreliable wi-fi was the problem for me, and ironically it’s one of the few places in the airport where wi-fi isn’t available, as there is public wi-fi in the rest of the terminal which didn’t reach into this lounge. There also wasn’t a view from the lounge, so it did feel a little like being in a basement. But it was clean, comfortable and functional, so worth it for those with a lounge access card but perhaps not quite so good for those wanting to pay for access.