Boston – Air France Lounge (Terminal E)

The Air France lounge at Boston Airport, which is a little tucked away in Terminal E, quite a way from the other lounges. I got access to this lounge with Priority Pass, it’s unusual in that it’s an Air France lounge that’s part of that scheme and also that it doesn’t have any restriction on opening hours.

It wasn’t very busy….. The interior is bright, although there isn’t really a view, unlike the spectacular one from the BA lounge.

The food selection was extensive, with salad items, chicken fajitas, pastries and baguettes.

More lounges need to do this and I excitedly prepared myself a chicken noodle, it made me feel that I was back on Amtrak….. Cheap and easy, but hot and convenient. I didn’t really explore the drinks selection in any detail, but there were plenty of spirits and also some wines as would be expected in a French lounge.

The toilets are in the lounge (as in customers don’t need to go out to visit them, they’re not literally plonked in the middle of the eating area) and there were around ten different French magazines, as well as some English ones. The news was playing quietly on screens around the lounge, but nothing that intruded on the atmosphere.

This isn’t an overdone lounge, but it’s clean, well presented and functional. The wi-fi was fast, there were plenty of power points and a range of seating areas. There were only a handful of customers in when I visited and a couple of staff members keeping everything topped up and organised.