Billericay – Billericay Brewing Co. Micropub

This is the tap room, or micropub as they refer to it as, of the Billericay Brewing Co. The frontage of their building is a little, well, plain, so these marquees at the front to give extra space make it look more appealing than it might have done in the past.

The interior is a little rustic in appearance and it’s quite small, although the aforementioned marquees have given them some extra space. It got busier when I was there and the staff member spent much of the time answering the phone to take bookings, so it’s clearly a popular location in the evenings.

The beer selection which is chalked up on the board.

I started with the chilli porter as I like that sort of combination of flavours, and there was a stronger kick than I had expected from the chilli. But, it was still very drinkable and I’d certainly order this again because of the richness of flavour. The chilli element also only really became evident as an aftertaste, it was a sufficiently intriguing drink that I’d mention it to others.

My second drink (in photo above) was the Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, which seemed to be the favourite of the pub judging by what everyone else was ordering. The name adds some extra spice to the whole arrangement and was what I’d consider to be a perfectly acceptable hoppy session beer, albeit at 5% ABV.

I liked this pub, which is listed in the Good Beer Guide, and would return here, although would be conscious that I’d need to book if visiting in the evening. Welcoming, slightly quirky and laid-back, all rather lovely. They do some experiences such as Brewer for the Day, which sounds a pleasant way to spent a few hours and they deliver the 18 pint polypin a couple of weeks after.