Wisbech – St. Peter and St. Paul Church (Joseph Medworth)

Joseph Medworth was born in Wisbech in 1752, the son of Simon Medworth and Anna Medworth (nee Lampson). He moved to London after being educated in the town, initially becoming a bricklayer but then working his way up to becoming a master builder. Medworth made some money and he then became a bit of a property developer and he constructed some impressive buildings on the site of the former Bishop’s Palace and Wisbech Castle, although the loss of that is unfortunate. It wasn’t though always Medworth’s intention, he was going to renovate the castle building and turn it into a school, but the plans were thwarted by the local authorities. Instead, he ripped the castle down and let other parts of it fall into decay, at which point the local authorities became more sympathetic.

I would have probably missed Medworth’s tomb if it wasn’t for the large information panel which was located nearby to it, a useful contribution. The properties which Medworth built though, such as The Crescent, Ely Place and York Row, are attractive and a town the size of Wisbech is fortunate to have such architectural delights. Medworth’s tomb is located near to the entrance of St. Peter and St. Paul Church, appropriate not just as his buildings are nearby, but because he was married in the church in 1775 and his funeral service was held here in 1827.