Warwick – The Roebuck

The Roebuck is apparently the oldest pub in Warwick, although there are usually numerous other competing venues that contest claims like this. Anyway, the pub has apparently been there since 1470 which is quite some history if it’s true.

It received some publicity a couple of years when the council ordered that a repaint of the frontage needed to be reversed. Apparently it was the owners Heineken who made the mistake, but I preferred the grey that the pub chain painted it, it doesn’t feel historically wrong and it’s perhaps more in keeping with the rest of the street. But it’s back to black and white now, with photos of the temporary repaint visible at https://www.warwickshireworld.com/news/penalised-for-changing-colour-of-warwick-pub-255023.

There is one main bar in the venue, although there are a few areas which are located off from that. I was welcomed by a friendly member of staff immediately on entering the pub and it felt an inviting place to visit. It’s a slightly puzzling mix of old and historic, along with modern and contemporary in its design. That does actually seem to work and it’s a comfortable enough environment. I suspect this is usually packed with tourists during the summer, but it was quiet on the Wednesday afternoon in January when I visited.

In an area which I assume was once outdoors, there are some different seating styles in this area at the rear of the pub.

The sole real ale option was the Proper Job from St. Austell Brewery, which was acceptable enough, but it didn’t particularly excite me. The pub isn’t listed in the Good Beer Guide, and probably never will be unless the number of beers is widened. There are though a few hand pumps available, so maybe the pub usually has more choice. Pricing for drinks in the pub is also slightly aggressive.

The pub serves traditional meals such as burgers and fish & chips, but there are also some options such as pan fried seabass fillet to add a little decadence to the proceedings.

The reviews for the pub are positive, although there’s one quite clearly for the wrong pub, to which the pub management replied:

“What Town was your Roebuck in?”

Google should definitely do more to remove negative reviews like this, it doesn’t seem fair for the venue. Anyway, I digress.

The pub seemed competently managed, but there was nothing to draw me back in. There was no craft beer, a highly limited real ale option of one beer and nothing out of the ordinary. However, the food is well reviewed and I’m sure it’s a reliable option for those wanting a relaxing evening meal or the like.