Warsaw – To Lubię

And for an afternoon coffee, I stopped at this cafe, which means “I like it” in English. It looked well reviewed, although I only realised later that it’s one of the best rated cafes in the city. It’s a relatively small cafe with a downstairs which has three tables and a handful more tables are located upstairs. There’s a quite heavy door to open to get into the building, with a curtain behind it to keep in the warmth, which adds something to the historic charm (the door I mean, not the curtain which doesn’t have much history to it).

One thing I’m often confused about is whether a cafe offers table service or whether I’m meant to order at the counter. However, it’s all clear here, there’s a sign explaining that it’s table service, with the staff member having a big smile and seeming friendly. As usual, there was perfect English spoken.

These looked rather lovely and the cafe also sells food such as salads and breakfasts.

The chocolate and hazelnut cookie was indeed lovely, with the latte having a pleasant flavour and being at the drinkable temperature that I like. The prices were reasonable, about £3 for a coffee and cookie, with the environment being clean and comfortable.

There’s not much negative at all about the restaurant on TripAdvisor, just two 1 star reviews in the best part of ten years, which is quite an undertaking. The downside of that is there aren’t any TripAdvisor reviews to amuse me, so it seems this is just a reliably consistent cafe, a quite charming little place. Although it’s not the most spacious of cafes, this situation improves during the summer months when the outside seating can be used.