Warsaw – Takie Miejsce

This is a small cafe located a relatively short walk from Warsaw Zoo and it’s very well-reviewed. There were though no other customers when I went, although there was some noisy road construction work which might have put some people off perhaps.

I’m not one to worry, although I did wonder in the current climate whether these should be covered, although they still looked delicious.

The latte was excellent, with a rich and creamy taste. The raspberry cake was fine, although the base was a bit too firm for my liking and it didn’t feel entirely fresh, but it still had a pleasant taste. I quite liked these raised windows seats where I was sitting and the atmosphere in the cafe was welcoming and comfortable. The staff member was helpful and polite, although I got confused when she asked me what type of milk I wanted, and my answer of “any” really didn’t help. Anyway, the final product met my expectations, so all was well.

This had a community feel to it, although it’s a shame that it wasn’t very busy, but it is a little out of the way and I can’t imagine that many visitors to the city pop in. They did have on the board that they sold local beers, which I think were in the fridges, but unlike their other products such as wine and spirits, they hadn’t listed them on separate menus on the table. If they had done, I might well have been tempted, but I had already caused milkconfusiongate and didn’t want to start on craftbeerconfusiongate.