Warsaw – Same Krafty Vis-a-Vis

Located opposite Same Krafty, and hence this bar’s name, this is a compact location with a similar cosy feel to its neighbour.

Like most craft beer bars in the city, the beers are listed on Ontap, which makes things much easier to plan. The options are though also on chalkboards above the bar and there are three options on drink sizes as well. There are some bottles and cans in the fridges as well, although the bar is less pro-active in advertising those on-line.

The slightly quirky internal decoration.

I went for the Double Sour Ni from Browar Monsters, perfectly decent although lacking in the depth of taste for me. I also went for the Coffeelicious Special from Piwne Podziemie, rich and sweet, but lacking that depth of flavour that can come from the best stouts. A very acceptable drink though with the more subtle than I expected flavours of chocolate and coffee.

Service in the bar was friendly, although it wasn’t particularly busy, which seems true for much of the Warsaw Old Town at the moment. The beer selection was well curated so that there were a range of different styles, with the bar being clean and organised. They have the same pizza and burger options as are offered as their bar over the road, which are all reasonably priced given the central location. I suspect that there’s usually a larger customer base from tourists and this is certainly not a bad drinking option for someone coming to the city.