Warsaw – Same Krafty Multitap

There aren’t a large number of craft beer options in the old town area, perhaps the best two are this one and Restauracja Maryensztadt.

The specialism is in not just craft beer, but also in pizza, two things that go beautifully together. There’s a more restauranty area and a bar area, something useful for those who just want a drink and don’t want to get in the way as there are a limited number of tables.

An extensive enough list of beers, all clearly presented. Four of the ten beers are dark options, which is a percentage that I wish was replicated in every bar specialising in craft beer, or indeed, real ale.

The beer, which was at the appropriate temperature and tasted fine. The unfortunate consequence of my writing this up a few days after going there is that I’ve forgotten which one I ordered…. I need to get out more to sharpen my memory skills.

This was a slight error on my behalf, as the pizza is bigger than it looks in this photo. It actually takes up a chunk of the table and I apologised when it was served as it was clearly too big for one person, the extra-large size. I didn’t entirely need someone commenting on another table about “look at the size pizza that man is having” either, but I ignored them.

The pizza was a little under 17 inches and bear in mind that Domino’s say their extra-large 16 inch pizzas feed five to six people. Now that is ridiculous, these five or six people must be toddlers, but nonetheless, I could have perhaps limited myself to a medium pizza. My confusion was that the pizzas were listed in centimetres and I got muddled up…. However, the extra large wasn’t much more in cost than the medium, and since I ate the whole pizza anyway (just), I’m glad I got the one that I did.

Anyway, I digress, the Diavola pizza was delicious, lots of pepper, jalapenos and salami, with a thin base which had the appropriate amount of crispiness. I was glad that it was a thin pizza, there’s a limit to how much dough I could have ploughed through on a pizza this size. It also wasn’t so greasy that I dripped liquid all over the table as well, so I considered that it must be healthy.

The cost of this meal was a little ludicrous by Polish standards at around £12, but I didn’t need to have a large beer and the extra large pizza. The quality was high, the service was wonderfully friendly and the environment was clean and comfortable. A nice place, very relaxed.