Warsaw – Reduta Kaliska

This little area at the intersection of ul. Grójecka and ul. Kaliska was opened in 2009, to commemorate those who died in the area during the 1944 Warsaw Uprising.

There are numerous seats to sit and reflect and it’s all neatly presented. Its location is within the Ochota region of Warsaw, where what is known as the Ochota Slaughter took place in August 1944, with Germans responsible for the rape, robbery and murder of the local population.

A sign noting the contribution of Andrzej Włodzimierz Chyczewski, a military leader in the Polish Home Army, which was effectively an underground movement at this stage of the conflict. His bravery has been noted and he was caught by the Nazis, who sent him to Stalag XB in north-west Germany. He survived the war, deciding to emigrate to Australia, where he died in 1984. His brother, Janusz Chyczewski, was also involved in the fighting and he too made it through the war, living until 1970.