Warsaw – Dworzec Autobusowy Warszawa Zachodnia (Warsaw West Coach Station)

This is the coach station that I was catching my Flixbus to Gdansk from, although it’s used by a number of different coach companies. Flixbus refer to as Warsaw West, but its name is Warszawa Zachodnia (which is Warsaw West in Polish).

It’s a little barren if I’m being honest, with no shelter at the coach platforms. The numbers also appear to have fallen off the platforms, although there are some temporary ones attached to the poles. There needs to be some modernisation here, it felt quite like old Poland. Which is no doubt when it was built. Reading the local media, it appears that the coach station is being entirely replaced on the same site by 2023.

The screens inside made clear which platform I needed to wait at.

When at the platform, there was reassurance that I was at the correct place. I found this an easier coach station than many to find my way around, primarily because of the clarity of those posters and information. For those who needed to ask questions, there were though some customer service staff milling around inside.

This is the hostel at the coach station, very salubrious…..

Here’s my top tip for waiting coach passengers, as the McDonald’s and Costa Coffee next to the coach station were entirely packed. And I had a wait of just over an hour, so I didn’t want to just stand there aimlessly looking confused. Well, no more than normal. So, I walked for around six minutes to this KFC outlet, next to a BP petrol station. They’ve got toilets which are free, which the coach station doesn’t, as well as plenty of seating in a clean and comfortable environment. That’s the best solution that I could think of for having somewhere to pass the time. And the chicken entirely met my requirements…

And, my logic of where to wait worked out, since I caught the Flixbus, which turned up on time. But more about that in my next post. I bet readers of this blog, all two of them, can hardly wait….