Warsaw – Bierhalle

I’ve been to several Bierhalle outlets across Poland, indeed I think around half of their entire chain, which aim to serve German food and drink in an accessible manner. This outlet is connected to the Westfield shopping centre and they operate another three outlets across Warsaw.

I was welcomed promptly by the staff member near to the entrance and shown to an appropriate table. There’s an upstairs area for when it’s busier and I like the little gangway to get there.

Nathan would have been pleased with the snooker at least…… The environment does feel like a German beer hall, so the operators have nailed that.

The choice of beers.

This is the dunkel, at the appropriate temperature and tasting adequate, but devoid of any depth of flavour. Very generic and not particularly exciting, although it was cheap.

The menu process wasn’t explained to me, but it was apparent that they had a lunch buffet arrangement going on, which nearly everyone was ordering from. I did go and have a little look at the food, but it looked more frightening than appetising, so I sat back down. I’m not entirely sure what food it was, but I’m sure it was very lovely (well, I’m not, but each to their own). The prices though are way too cheap, there’s something wrong if they’re ditching out food at these low prices.

However, the staff were all very friendly, the environment was clean and the prices were all towards the lower end of the scale. As for this restaurant chain generally, I used to find it more appealing than I do now, I think time has passed since I went to Bierhalle locations a few years ago and it now all feels just a bit jaded in terms of its implementation.