Tczew – Hotel Vela

My stay earlier on in the week when I visited Tczew was at the Hotel Vela, where I also ate in the evening. It appears to be part of a large German hotel chain judging by the brochure in the room and I can imagine this is a thriving location in the summer when things are a little warmer. There was a friendly welcome at the reception desk, which is within the main restaurant part of the building. Unusually the hotel uses physical keys rather than keycards and I was told that although the reception desk closed at 23:00 I could still use the key to get back into the building. However, I wasn’t entirely sure what I would be doing in Tczew at that time of night since most things seemed closed in the day, but it’s an handy option.

The room was clean and bright, with quite a modern and Scandinavian feel to the arrangement.

A handy selection of coffee and teas, along with bottled water.

I had been hoping for a view of the bridge that I had come to the town to look at, but I did get a river view of sorts if I stood by the window.

The breakfast arrangement was adequate, nothing exceptional and lacking in any rolls, but there were the standard range of basic options available and I liked the appearance of the olives as part of the offering. They did ask if I would like a hot breakfast as well, but I declined that option. I’m not entirely sure how many guests the hotel had, but I didn’t see anyone else at breakfast. That does make a slightly awkward arrangement when there are three staff members and just me, but that isn’t a rare occurrence when travelling January.

The room was moderately priced and there were no noise issues internally or externally. I think I’d stay here again if visiting Tczew as it was a quiet hotel and it’s a nice part of the town. The breakfast didn’t surprise and delight me, but it was entirely adequate and I suspect it was catering for a very low number of people. There’s further information about the hotel here.