Swaffham – Railway Station (Approach from King’s Lynn Direction)

Just photos in this post. I wondered if it was possible to walk from Swaffham railway station towards the former King’s Lynn section of the line. Interestingly, the last section between East Winch and King’s Lynn is still in place for freight, so a line could be restored to Swaffham if there was ever a desire to do so. Unfortunately, the railway station section in Swaffham is built on, meaning any new station would have to be relocated.

The railway station is just ahead in this photo, but the path stops here and people have to walk to the left back to the nearby road. Below are photos in the other direction, where it’s all clear. With few obstructions, the trackbed is still in place and could be put back to King’s Lynn, but then there’s the problem that it would have to bypass Swaffham if the lines carried on to Dereham. Which would then cause the problem that the last section of the line from Swaffham to Dereham is now buried under the A47. The cost of fixing this, for the volume of rail traffic it would generate, is sadly likely though to be just too high.