San Antonio

San Antonio – Schilo’s Restaurant

Schilo’s restaurant in San Antonio is the oldest in the city and it is also one of the highest rated. The day of my visit, on a very cold January day, meant that I didn’t have to queue as I understand it’s usually busy at  both breakfast and at lunch-time. Even with the rather inclement weather the restaurant still seemed well attended by the time I was leaving. Other than on Fridays and Saturdays, the restaurant closes at 14:30 every day of the week.

The bar area. The restaurant was started by a German family in the early twentieth century and it moved to its current location in 1942. To the left of the above photo is the restaurant’s cooler room which was once the vault of the bank.

The restaurant area.

There’s a counter service for those just wanting a takeaway.

The menu.

The split pea soup which had a rich flavour and was rather more filling than I had expected.

The chicken and dumplings, with a side of home styled fries. And more bread. The chicken was tender and the dumplings were quite dense, but had a nice flavour. The vegetables added some texture and colour to the dish, with the potatoes being cooked in the way that I like them to be prepared.

The service was attentive and the staff member was happy to explain the menu and the options available. The food was served promptly and the environment felt a hospitable and welcoming one. The prices were very reasonable and I was pleased that I didn’t have to queue, as diners usually have to do. Such is the joy of travelling in the cold January months of the year….