Paisley – Travelodge Glasgow Airport Hotel

Having stayed at the Premier Inn hotel at Glasgow airport last week, I thought I’d try the Travelodge this week. As an aside, it seemed an odd way to build a hotel on prime real estate, with such a large footprint but only having two floors, but everything seemed modern and functional. There isn’t much to do in the immediate area, but it’s possible to walk to the airport in about ten minutes (although the options there are more expensive) or walk into Paisley in about twenty minutes for all the action that anyone could possibly want. What was useful was the clear walking instructions that the airport has installed so that it was easy to get from the hotel to the terminal.

One day after my muttering about the potential problem (which fortunately didn’t become a problem) of connecting doors between rooms, this hotel had them as well, the first time that I’ve seen them in a Travelodge. They were firmly constructed and so noise intrusion wasn’t a huge problem, but I do hate the things and I notice that they’ve had a number of negative reviews about them.

I slept well and didn’t encounter any noise internally or externally, with the hotel being clean and comfortable. The staff member at reception was helpful and friendly, so I felt welcome, with the check-in process being efficient. There were plenty of plug sockets in the room, although none near the bed, although I’m sure that this will be fixed at a future refurbishment. However, given how much I dislike connecting doors, I wouldn’t stay here again and would instead book the Premier Inn or IHG options.