Paisley – Premier Inn Glasgow Airport Hotel

As I had landed at Glasgow Airport at after 21:00 and I’ve never been to the city before, I thought that it’d be easier to just stay near to the airport for the evening. It was also cheaper to stay at the airport than in the city centre, so this was also a cost efficient option. I was pleased to discover just how easy it was to walk to the hotel, as I wouldn’t have been thrilled to traipse around some industrial estates in the dark trying to find how to get there. I’ve had that before, as airports aren’t often designed to encourage pedestrians to walk out of them (London Heathrow T5 and London Gatwick are examples of that….). Anyway, I was at the hotel about five minutes after leaving the airport.

There was a friendly staff member at reception who said that he had given me a quiet room on the ground floor. I never discovered what relevance the quiet room bit had, as they’re not normally located on the ground floor next to the car park. But, to be fair, I didn’t have any noise problems and so had nothing to complain about. The room was clean, although they need to replace their sheets as they had black stains on them, the origins of which I didn’t dwell on. The bathroom was clean as well, with a bath rather than a shower cubicle.

The spectacular view I had from my room.

And the hotel exterior. I didn’t have any problems at the hotel, with everything working as it should. There’s no air conditioning in the room, although there’s a heater which is connected into the temperature controls to make things warmer. That wasn’t relevant for me as I rarely need to make rooms cooler, I spend more time trying to turn them into fridges.

I didn’t bother with the breakfast as it was £9.90 and I think that it’s too rich a price for the quality offered. The menus in the room mention that there’s a meal deal with evening meal and breakfast included, but the price of that seems a secret. I’m guessing that this probably offers reasonable value for money, but it’d perhaps be clearer if they gave the price.

The reviews are fairly favourable, with the negative ones being the usual mix of justified and, well, not really justified. I liked the complaint that one person made that they booked their breakfast for 10am but turned up early and couldn’t get their breakfast until 10am. The build quality of the hotel seemingly isn’t great (Premier Inn seem to have a common problem with this) and there seems to be problems with sound leakage from the floor above, but perhaps I was fortunate not to have anyone stomping above my room.

The room was around £40, which was a little higher than ideal, but still cheaper than the alternative of heading into the centre of the city. I didn’t see anyone at checkout, but I’m fairly sure it wouldn’t have been difficult to find someone to talk to if I had needed to. All told, a perfectly acceptable hotel and I’d say that this is a reliable place to visit for anyone wanting to stay somewhere a short walk to the airport before or after a flight.