Nottingham – The Company Inn

I’ve visited this Wetherspoons before and it’s one of the quietest that I’ve been to in the chain, so I’ve wondered before whether it’s one which might get sold off at some point.

Looking down over the bar area and ground floor. The pub is located in a former warehouse belonging to the Trent Navigation Company, hence the Company Inn name which was chosen by Wetherspoons.

This pub was in some difficulty when I visited as the temperature had gone out of control, it was like being in a sauna and I’ve never been in such a warm pub environment. Apparently there was a temperature issue, which had also caused problems in the male toilets as the water from the taps was not far off boiling. A customer commented to a staff member that some of the surfaces in the female toilet were hot to the touch, so I dread to think what the pub’s heating bill was for that day. There’s a TripAdvisor review from the day after my visit which complains that “it’s like a fridge”, so I imagine they decided to turn everything off.

The pub has a friendly environment and I waited here for my train, drinking numerous cups of coffee to help me stay awake for the train journey back to Norwich.