Nottingham – Canalhouse

I had a couple of hours to wait in Nottingham for my train, so I couldn’t resist going back to one of my favourite pubs in the country. Located in what was originally a canal museum, the Canalhouse became a pub in the year 2000 and is the only location that I know of which has a canal barge in the actual pub.

The Black Band porter from Kirkstall Brewery, an above average dark beer with a rich flavour.

There are discounts for CAMRA members and it’s one of the more unusual drinking environments. I’m entirely unsure why this pub isn’t listed in the Good Beer Guide though, it’s quirky and charming, but I’m sure there’s a reason why the denizens of CAMRA Nottingham decided against it.

Looking out onto the barge. I didn’t have anything to eat on this visit, but there’a food menu and this is available throughout the day.

A photo taken from the bridge which is inside the pub.

Tynemill pubs no longer exist, they were renamed as Castle Rock in 2007, one of the better pub chains in the country and I’ve been to many of their Nottingham locations.

Service in the pub was in line with my previous experiences, which was friendly, polite and helpful. The prices charged are reasonable and the selection of beers was excellent. It’s quite a spacious pub internally, but there aren’t a huge number of tables inside, although the external seating area is relatively extensive.