Malta – Southern Region – Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto was at the end of our walk along the southern part of Malta, starting from the Dingli Cliffs. Taking its name from the bright blue water, something achieved by the sun and local flora, these caves are a popular destination. We didn’t have time to take a little boat ride around the caves, although I’d investigate that possibility on future visits, to get nearer to them.

The caves have been featured in numerous television and film productions, as well as being the backdrop for one of the Cadbury’s Milk Tray ads. I can’t find any mention to the Blue Grotto in the nineteenth century, with all the references being post-war, but the site has long since been a popular tourist attraction. There are some cafes and bars on site, as well as regular buses with run to Rabat and Valletta. It has all perhaps become a bit over-popular, but it’s still an impressive sight and there weren’t too many crowds during March at least.