Malta – Northern Region – Mosta – World War Two Tunnels

During the Second World War, there were more bombs dropped on Malta than there were on London, so there was a need for every resident to have access to a shelter whilst the bombings went on. Mosta has recently opened up the shelters located under the town’s main square, in front of the Mosta Rotunda.

The main tunnel has some information panels along its length.

I hadn’t realised that Winston Churchill had visited Valletta in 1943, which must have been a relatively dangerous mission.

There were four exits to the shelters, this is one of them which is now sealed off.

One of the areas not accessible to the public. Well, it probably technically was as there was nothing stopping anyone exploring, but they’d have to stoop heavily or crawl, or just be short.

A recreated bedroom area.

The tunnels aren’t particularly large in size, but they were sufficient to protect the residents from the bombings which were taking place above. There was a joint admission charge of €3 for the Rotunda, or the town’s main church, and these tunnels, which was reasonable. I did try to work out where the other exits were on the main square, but that search was both a bit half-hearted and also entirely unsuccessful.