Malta – Northern Region – Mellieha – Sundancer

And after a busy morning of walking and food exploration, it was time for a little snack….. Mellieha beach was quite busy, despite it being the first day of March, with plenty of children enjoying playing on the sand. Judging by the photos of this beach in summer though, it gets much busier during the warmer months. Most of the food and drink kiosks were closed when we were visited, although Sundancer and a couple of other operators were busy and working as normal.

The snacks of ice creams and drinks, very welcome in what was becoming an increasingly hot Malta….. The staff at Sundancer were friendly and the prices were reasonable, and we were fortunate to get the last table outside of the kiosk. The kiosk did a relatively wide selection of food, such as pizza, burgers, chicken nuggets and other essential culinary delights, along with ice creams, crisps and drinks.