Malta – Malta International Airport – VIP Arrivals Lounge

Malta is a relatively small airport, but they have an arrivals lounge, a luxury usually limited to larger airports. It’s not a very big lounge, and it’s actually rather small with just a few tables, but it’s a handy little option for those arriving into the country.

There are a few pre-packaged snacks, cans of drink, coffee, teas and the like, and the environment is comfortable. It’s included in the Priority Pass scheme, and no doubt most similar lounge schemes, and it was spotlessly clean and tidy. Although I don’t think that the lounge is particularly heavily used, so it’s probably one of the easiest lounges to keep clean.

The lounge is located at the rear of the baggage collection area and it relatively well signed. I only stayed for around forty minutes, but it’s possible to stay for three hours should anyone wish.